Letter back to South Carolina:  September 1, 2005

Dear Poodle Mom, Poodle Dad, Ms Bunni and the groupů

I've been in Colorado for a week now and I love it!  Colorado is HUGE!  Mom took me outside with a blanket and we sat in the backyard for hours.  I explored and explored, then she said something about it being ok to get more than ten feet away from her.  I knew that!  Then we had a picnic on the blanket with my new dad.  When mom wasn't looking he put a little gravy on my special puppy food and gave it to me - yum, yum!

Mom and Dad like to take me on "walks."  I call them "sniffing excursions."  There is so much to smell here!  I can always tell when we're getting close to our yard - it smells so good! 

Oh, and God made dandelions just for me!  I love dandelions!!  Mom says I shouldn't eat them - I'm not eating them, I'm tickling my tongue!! 

On one of our sniffing excursions I met Cisco.  He's a Mexican Chihuahua that lives near us.  I was really hoping we could be friends, but I have to learn Spanish... 

Then I met Harley, he looks a little like Dixie, but he smells different - and he won't play with me.  I try and try, but he won't play - maybe when I'm bigger. Mom says I freak him out!  I can't imagine why - surely he knows what happiness looks like!  Sometimes we meet at the fence in the backyard and touch noses - some day...

You may remember in my previous letter I told you about the 7er and the two 9er's we have here.  I learned how to go down the 7er the hard way.  It's at the end of my run from the dining room through the kitchen to the living room.  One night I was running just as fast as I could and missed the turn...  down the 7er I went...  but I hopped up and ran back into the kitchen - I was cool...  Mom thinks I'm funny - she just laughs and laughs.  Now I know when to slow down to make the curve!  You'd be so proud of me!  I can go up AND down both 9er's in our house too!  Once I went down in front of mom and got nervous and had to squeeze back into a ledge - that made me invisible, then when she passed I made it down by myself.  I'm amazing - only here a week and a seasoned mountain climber!

Believe it or not, mom has Majik Carpets in the kitchen just for me!  I love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!  They are magical - Every time I walk by them they follow me where ever I'm going...

The kitchen is one of my favorite places.  I've trained Jesse to feed me...  Yup, trained her!  She's really easy to train - she's so happy to please.  She'll sit on the stairs and flick my special puppy food to me across the floor.  We have the best time!  I get full and she cracks up having such a good time! 

My new family must have built our house just for me!  I can run and run through the dining room to the kitchen to the living room to the dining room - round and round.  So I stay in shape, they included obstacle courses throughout so I stay quick on my feet - it's great! 

Mom hasn't seen the Puppy Kindergarten video yet, so she's been a little difficult to train, but she's doing ok.  She allowed me to enjoy all the rooms of the house, so I'm completely confused on the litterbox potty place.  She's been taking me outside and that is so much fun!  I have potty out there and everyone is happy.  Plus I get to smell all the smells and play with all the outdoor toys.  Our yard has thousands of outdoor toys!  Every time I go out there I find something new!

I've been sleeping in my crate - my special place with my new buddy Pepin.  I just love him - we have so much fun together.  He's a lot bigger than back home Pepin, but fun just the same. 

Well, Mom's tapping her foot wanting to use her computer, so I gotta go...

Hugs and kisses to all!
Love, your Colorado son, Majik

Majik Poodle 
(that's me!)

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