Letter back to South Carolina:  September 22, 2005

Dear Poodle Mom, Poodle Dad, Ms Bunni and the groupů

Life has really gotten exciting for me here...  Dad really likes to introduce me to new experiences (especially when Mom isn't looking...)  In the room where Mom and Dad prepare food for themselves they have this huge white box that makes really strange noises.  When I first arrived it would scare me.  Mom would stand in front of it and put a glass into a secret opening in the front of it and this really loud racket would start. 

Then I saw Dad doing it.  He asked me if I would like an "ice cube."  I didn't know what an "ice cube" was, but it sounded good to me.  He leaned over and gave me one.  Man-o-man was it COLD!  The scariest thing was it stuck to my lip!  I wasn't so sure about this...  I shook my head really hard (mom told me to be careful I'd shake loose my brain...) and it released me - then it bounced!  So I chased it!  This was really exciting.

Now I know that ice cubes are great - they bounce, they slide and they're good to eat!  Funny thing is though, when I bury them and go back to get them.... they're gone!

I've learned a new word - "racket."  Mom says, "What's all the racket?" when I'm playing.  I think she really knows I'm talking, she's just teasing me.  So, I've discovered my voice is beautiful and I use it a lot, but only when we're playing. 

I'm teaching everyone to pick me up only when I sit and I'm quiet, instead of when I'm leaping around and yakking with excitement.  They're pretty good at it.

Mom introduced me to Monterey Jack cheese - yummy!  Then later she fussed about how I smelled while I was sleeping on her desk.  I don't know what that was all about - but cheese is really excellent!

I met my knew doctor.  He's just alright and that cute girl who helped him gave me a marvelous treat.  Mom said I was going to get a shot, but I think she was mistaken because I didn't see one, but it really wasn't very cool what they did with the thermometer, but everybody was really happy afterwards, and I lived through it, so I've decided to forget about it and move on with my life. 

Mom's been telling me I'm a porker.  I think that's a term of endearment.... 

Jesse and Mom went shopping and they got me the most wonderful football uniform.  (see me by clicking here)  I love playing with my football!  I tolerate wearing my jersey because it brings Jesse so much enjoyment, but the pants really have to go...  Dad was horrified, but I thought I was quite handsome in the jersey.  I'm a Bronco fan now that I'm in Denver.  I swished past Mom the other day and managed to get outside with my football - I was ready to go long...  when.... she... caught me! 

We have great neighbors!  Miss Deb has "special" toys just for me when I go to see her.  Theirs was the first yard I pooed in upon my arrival and Doug didn't even get upset.  He never pets me and really doesn't talk to me - just about me, but I know he really likes me because he ALWAYS comes over to see me. 

Mom's tapping her foot...  I'll write more later...

Hugs and kisses to all!
Love, your Colorado son, Majik

Majik Poodle 
(that's me!)

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