Alvin comes to see me...

I had only been in Colorado for a couple of months when my new mom's dad transitioned.  He came by here that evening as it got dark.  It was Halloween and his showing up freaked me out a little.  Mostly because Snuggles was with him and she doesn't like me.  He doesn't bring Snuggles (she is a BIG black dog) anymore.  Now Alvin, his skunk, comes with him - I love Alvin, we have so much fun together.

You may read the original Where do Dead People Go? article at the Soul Kisses website.

This is me, watching my spirit friends:

This is Alvin as he lived on Mother Earth

This is Alvin's spirit energy in my bed!

Some times Spirit gets me into a little trouble.  This is the plant where I sometime bury mom's sticky notes that I take from her desk when she isn't looking.  (I'm really secretly writing my memoirs, Life as a Majik Poodle, using pens and sticky notes mom isn't using.) 

Mom captured this orb in the plant - it is the energy Eli the elemental that comes in to play with me.  He loves that plant!








Those Spirits, sometimes they get behind me and play, then when I turn around, they shift to the other side. 

You may read other articles about me and the Spirits by clicking into the Soul Kisses website and typing in Majik in the Google Search field.

Majik Poodle 
(that's me!)

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