Letter back to South Carolina:  October 5, 2005

Dear Poodle Mom, Poodle Dad, Ms Bunni and the groupů

Hello all...  I'm still here and from what I hear, I'm lucky...  I discovered the printer electrical cord under Mom's desk this morning while Mom was talking to a client in Canada.  Mom asked me if I was trying to commit suicide.  What's suicide?  I was just tasting the cord, then my teeth got in the way...  Anyhow, Mom showed me that touching the cords under her desk in any fashion is NOT acceptable.  We've decided I had angelic intervention to prevent me from electrocuting myself.  Scroll below to see how sharp my teeth are...

The printer is an Epson and as luck would have it, it's still under warranty.  Unfortunately puppy chewing isn't covered by warranty, but the lady talked to her supervisor and they're going to cover it!  Yippee!  Mom should be getting her new printer in 2 or 3 business days.  Miss Bunni, if you're needing a new printer, I highly recommend Epson!  Not only are their printers awesome and wonderful, but their tech personnel are amazing!

Mom and I had another "incident" last Wednesday.  It was really windy outside and I just forgot myself and used the bathroom anywhere I needed to.  Mom was really upset.  Then the next day after everyone left she and I had a talk.  She sat me in her lap and showed me pictures of me pottying in the litter box and outside - she showed me the pictures from insider here brain!  Then she showed me pictures of me pottying out side and she was really happy and told me I am the most Wonderful Puppy in the Whole World!  I've been pottying outside and in the litterbox ever since.

I've been the most Wonderful Puppy in the Whole World up till today, then I became the Luckiest Puppy in the Whole World because I lived through chewing the electrical cord.

Mom and I've become even closer - she said something about my being a leach.  What is a leach? I've been sleeping on her desk again or in her lap while she's working.  It's amazing what she can get done while I rest my head on her arm and watch her.  I was sitting right next to the phone when she talked to you Miss Bunni!  It was just like being there without the tussle of other puppies.  I almost got home sick, but Mom picked me up and snuggled me and told me how much she loves me.  I'm such a lucky guy...

I'm a water lover..  Mom's been giving me the most awesome showers (I get major attention when I'm wet...)  The other day Dad let me shower outside.  Mom called them sprinklers.  Mom laughed and laughed - which encourages me, so I zoomed in and out of the sprinklers over and over.  Mom recorded a short video of me doing this - it's short because Mom doesn't know how to use the camera...  After my sprinkler run Mom used the blow dryer on me, but that's all she did.  I was expecting my feet and face to get groomed, but she didn't.  I was a little disappointed and waited for her, but she said we were all done.

I've grown a lot since you last saw me and now I look different too.  On Sunday, while the Bronco's were playing (I only missed a little bit of the game while I was in the shower) Mom showered me, trimmed my feet, face and nails - she even filed them - man I was handsome!  Then Dad told her I was too hot, so she used his trimmer on me and shaved off all my puppy fuzz.  I'm a young man!  I'm so much lighter - my left leg comes up now when I pee!  And I can FLY off the stairs - I can clear three stairs in a single bound!  Does that make me Super Puppy?

Everybody gets really happy when I show up when they call my name and tell me to come.  So I'm making it a habit.  It's cool when the human spirits are happy.  Mom's getting pretty good at Clicker Training.

I probably get my faced washed more than any other puppy on the block, but my family really loves me and honors my wonderful spirit, thank you, Miss Bunni, for putting me on my Delta flight and sending me to Colorado!

Hugs and kisses to all!
Love, your Colorado son, Majik

There's only a little copper wire sticking out - a little energy infusion never hurt anyone, right??

Majik Poodle 
(that's me!)

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