I'm busted.  They're on to me.  My innocent sleeping face has been busted...  They know I'm listening to their conversations.  I've really got to be careful or they're going to figure out how smart I really am and make me get a job...

Jess says I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box, little does she know I could sharpen all the other crayons...  Nope, I won't be able to use the huge brown eyed, but "I'm just a Puppy" act any more...

How my "I'm just a Puppy" cover was blown (see "I'm just a Puppy" face to the right):

Mom and Dad were sitting in the living room talking.  I was peacefully sleeping on Mom's lap - or so they thought...  Then Mom said something about me sleeping in my crate.  Without thinking, my head popped up and looked at her - I really don't like to sleep in my crate - and Mom noticed.

She pointed out to Dad that I knew what she was talking about.  I got down and nonchalantly wandered over to my crate.  Mom told me if I would get in the crate she would give me a treat. 

A Treat!

Never, ever pass up a treat.  I stepped into the crate and waited.

She got a treat for me and gave it to me in three pieces - Three - not just ONE.

Unfortunately from this experience, Mom is on to me.  She watches my reaction when I'm "sleeping" while she and Dad are talking.  While watching mindless TV one evening she told Dad that my seester, Jesse was coming over.  They thought I was asleep on the back of the sofa, but at the mention of seeing my Jess, I jumped up and went to the window to watch for her car.

It was a false alarm, Jess didn't show up for hours.

Busted again.

Then....  my neighbor buddy told Mom and Dad how the squirrels were stealing his tomatoes from the plants right beside the fence between his house and ours.  I was hugging Mom while they were talking, pretending to be oblivious to what was going on around me, but still taking in every word. 

The next day, the fence protecting the tomatoes wasn't finished yet and I saw a squirrel go over the fence toward the tomato plants.  I ran out there and in my quiet, non threatening way, convinced him it wasn't a good idea to steal the tomatoes.  He ran away.

Mom saw what happened - I guess it isn't so bad to be discovered for the brilliant spiritual being that I am...

Majik Poodle 
(that's me!)

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